American Cancer Society – American Cancer Society Not Honest About the strength of Cancer Supplements

There’s power in Vitamin D. Consider it. The sun’s rays is magnificent. It’s power is incredible. God wouldn’t make it’d it-not had benefits for all of us.

However, the American Cancer Society is hiding something about the strength of vitamin D and vitamin D supplements. Continue reading…

There has been numerous studies done that demonstrate that Vitamin D aids in preventing both MS and Cancer.

There is research done at Harvard that incorporated ladies and it demonstrated that individuals who required vitamin D… sun and food or supplements (over 400 IU each day)… were less inclined to develop MS than individuals who did not venture out under the sun or have a Vitamin D supplement.

Another study ended at Creighton College Med school in Nebraska regarding Vitamin D. The final outcome was that supplements of both Vitamin D and calcium can help to eliminate ones chance of cancer by 77%.